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Download ldap-collate - a tool to collate and count LDAP entries by attributes

Member of yet another ldap-toolbox that will make your life with directory servers much easier:
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What's that?

With this tool yopu can easily and quickly search for entries and then group the results by an attribute. This allows for selecting LDAP entries by its attribute counts. This enhances the standard LDAP stack, which already can do sorting and filtering on attrivute criteria by another finer granuled method.

What can it do?

You may use it for example to detect logical inconsistencys inside your LDAP server. This can be handy in situations where you cant enforce a single-value policy on a multi-value attribute otherwise.
Or you may want to know all entries that have more than two mail adresses associated?

Feature list (main features):

How does it work?

It is very simple since it runs from command line. Just download it and call it without parameters. This will give you all options that can be set. Calling it with the "-h" parameter even gives some more advice.
Additionally, you can find a more detailed documentation in the release package.

Where can i download this cool exporter?

You can download the latest development version from svn:
svn co ldap-csvexport

Or just download the latest file release from the project page at sourceforge!

Where can i report bugs or request new Features? What about project news and screenshots?

The Sourceforge project page hosts all that. Please refer to the page for latest infos and for our forums and bug/features tracker.